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8 Fast Weight Loss Tips

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There are no magic pills or quick-fix diets that will drop those pounds for you. There are, however, simple strategies that you can work into your daily activities that will get you on the road to lasting weight loss now.

1. What Worked can Work Again: If you’re one of the millions of people who have tried to lose weight before, then even though it has not been successful, chances are there were techniques that worked too. Examine those patterns and techniques and pick out the ones that worked because they’ll be sure to work again.

2. Roadmap to Weight Loss Success: This is a road you’re taking towards your weight loss goals. Hence, you need a good map. Note down your goals for every week – just gradual changes so you don’t overwhelm yourself – and carry each week’s goal to the next week and so on.

3. Watching Fewer TV Programs: Watching TV is more likely to lead to obesity than any other sedentary activities. That’s because it’s associated with lower energy expenditure and people tend to eat more when they’re in front of the TV. Try watching one program less or stand up and find something else to do during commercials.

4. Playful Ways to Exercise: Don’t view workouts as work, view them as fun. There are many ways to exercise that you don’t have to resign yourself to workouts you hate. Explore playful ways to be active, or skip indoor social plans and have outdoor social activities instead.

5. A Habit You can Kick: You will sometimes find yourself craving for some after-dinner treats, especially when you’re just starting out. Distract yourself when craving strikes – pamper yourself, go for a walk, brush your teeth, or go to bed early. Remember that it’s a habit you can kick, not some addiction you’re hooked to.

6. Taking Time to Eat: Most overweight people tend to be fast eaters. Eating fast doesn’t give your body time to tell you that you might have eaten enough, which it does some 20 minutes later. Eat slowly and calmly. Take frequent sips of water, put your spoon and fork down after every bite, and converse if you’re with someone.

7. Serving Individual Courses: Instead of putting everything on your plate, serve the meal courses individually. Start with soup or vegetable salad. When the main meal or dessert is served, you won’t feel like eating as much.

8. Calories you Might Have Missed: Watch out for spreads, dressings, sauces, condiments, drinks, snacks, and dips because of they, too, have calories and those calories count. Substitute them with sauces or seasonings that have fewer calories and less fat.

These fast weight loss tips will help you ease into losing weight so that you can be on your way to achieving your goals with a plan that knows what you need. Remember fast weight loss tips don’t mean crash diets or stressful exercises.