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8 Successful Cosmetic Treatments With Lasers

Categories :Beauty & Fitness

For cosmetic treatments, lasers can be used for various different problems to do with the skin. The laser itself is a single wavelength of high-energy light that is focused on the area. The light produces heat in the area targeted which destroys what is in the problem area. To do this the light beam must be in sync with the color of the problem area, whether it be red broken capillaries or brown spots. The development of Candela units has attributed to the success of these treatments. There are different types of lasers and this has to do with the wavelengths they emit. Different laser wavelengths are for different problems so a specialist dealing with a variety of problems will need several types of lasers.

Cosmetic Lasers are used for the following:

Fine Lines And Wrinkles

A fairly aggressive laser is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles as it is a combination of skin tightening and skin resurfacing. This type of laser is also used for the removal of skin tags and warts and also used in laser assisted surgery where the laser actually cuts the skin.

Skin Tightening

By causing a controlled injury to the skin laser procedures can increase the level of collagen production, which provides a level a skin tightening. The skin is reconditioned as the heat targeted by the laser improves its condition. With the increase of collagen production, the end result is the skin will look a lot healthier.

Pigmented Lesions

Lasers are commonly used for treating sun and age spots. This photo-rejuvenation is also successful with the treatment of freckles, spider veins, wrinkles, enlarged pores, rosacea and even the removal of dark circles under the eyes.

Precancerous Lesions

A scalpel is the best tool for removing cancerous lesions as it can assure complete removal, but it is now common practice to treat precancerous lesions as a preventative measure with lasers.

Vascular Lesions

These can include broken blood vessels and veins and even certain types of birthmarks, such as port wine stains.


For those now regretting their tattoos, removal by laser is possible. The heat of the laser actually melts the ink within the skin and the body is then able to remove it. A person may require several treatments as tattoo inks are long lasting and different colors may need separate treatments.

Hair Removal

Depending on the hair and skin color laser hair removal can be a successful permanent hair removal option. The laser is targeted on each hair to destroy the hair growth. It is more successful on people with dark course hair and fair skin, as the laser does not affect the fair skin and is attracted only to the dark hair.

Acne And Acne Scars

Different levels of lasers are used for acne, depending on the severity of it. For the deeper acne scars, a stronger laser is needed. Lasers can repair the scarring and even active acne can be treated as the laser will clean the skin and remove blockages in the pores.