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A Few Different Kinds of Fitness Training

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Fitness training is often thought of as only one or two different options. Many people think that the options are lifting heavy weights with low reps or lighter weights with high reps. However, those are only two of the many different options available. Depending on what you intend to accomplish and how much time you have, there are many different fitness options. Some of the options involve high-intensity interval training, aerobic training, and many other kinds of combinations.

Endurance Training

When it comes to losing weight, one of the most effective options is endurance training. Endurance training should be a key part to any weight loss regimen. Endurance training involves working out in a way that is low-intensity enough that you can breathe, but high-intensity enough that you raise your heartrate and burn calories. When you are working out in a way that can be sustained by your breathing, it is called aerobic exercise. Inversely, working out too intensely to catch your breath is anaerobic training.

Aerobic training helps to build up a base of fitness in your cardiovascular system. It will boost the strength and efficiency of your heart and your arteries. They’ll supply blood and oxygen to your muscles and lungs at a much more efficient rate. That will help you burn calories and lose weight; it will also help you live healthier and work out harder. At a fitness gym club, there are often many aerobic exercise options. Some of the most common options are stationary bicycles, treadmills, and elliptical machines. They provide you with the ability to perform aerobic exercise without having to go anywhere. Another important part of an exercise regimen is strength training.

Strength Training

In addition to building your heart health and your endurance, you need to build up your strength. Building your strength typically involves lifting weights and doing some kind of resistance training. If you don’t want to lift weights, there are still many options. Many physical trainers will help you determine what type of strength training you want to do and what will work well with your needs.

For example, many people who do not want to lift weights find that a more dynamic resistance training regimen is appropriate. That could mean pushing weighted sleds, flipping heavy tires, or working out with heavy ropes. Whatever the case may be, the important thing is to find a workout that works for you and one you will stick with. Resistance training will help boost your heart as well, but it focuses mainly on your muscles. As your muscles grow, they consume more blood, oxygen, and calories. Such growth means that stronger muscles will boost your heart health and help you burn calories even while at rest.