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A Guide to Preparing for Motherhood

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Without a doubt, the most precious time for a woman is that very first child, and your body will go through some radical changes during the pregnancy, as a new life grows. All baby’s nourishment arrives via mum, and as the pregnancy continues, mum’s body must cope with the added weight, not to mention the hormone imbalance that usually accompanies pregnancy. If you have just discovered that you are soon to become a mother, here is a guide to preparing for the birth.

  • Seek Professional Help – For a first-time mother who has never experienced childbirth, it is well advised to seek help from a professional, and with a qualified pregnancy physio in Perth and surrounding areas, you will be in the best of hands, and will learn how to safely exercise and eat the right things. You are about to enter the most important part of your life, which is why you should visit a pregnancy physio, who can ensure you follow the right path in the run-up to the birth. Not only that, the physio can advise you about postnatal care, another essential for the new mum.


  • Start Out Right – Diet and exercise are critical elements of a healthy pregnancy, and with the help of a specialist physio, you can be sure to have the best guidance, and the experience is a very rewarding one, as long as you take care of yourself and the soon to be born baby. There are specialist practitioners who will come to your home and can help with issues like incontinence and bladder/bowel control. It’s a good idea to source such a professional now, and with their contact details safely stored on your smartphone, you can call at any time, especially if you need some advice. Motherhood is much easier second time around, but for a new mum, it is important to have the right guidance, which is where the physio comes in.


  • Regular Check-ups – Your GP will refer you to a maternity clinic, where you will be given a schedule to visit. They will weigh you, take your temperature and check your blood pressure, and the doctor will check that baby is seated properly and all is well. By following their instructions and exercising correctly, your pregnancy will result in the birth of a healthy child, which will be the start of a new and exciting chapter in you and your partner’s life.


  • Do Some Research – The Internet is a wonderful resource, and there are thousands of websites dedicated to helping women through their first childbirth, and by spending an hour a day reading useful articles, you will be mentally prepared for the experience. Planning is important, so make sure to compile a list of essentials that any new mum would need, and time tends to slip by unnoticed, so bear this in mind.

By preparing properly and seeking out professional guidance, your first pregnancy will be a wonderful experience that culminates in the birth of your first child.