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Are shakeology shakes safe when breastfeeding

Categories :Health , Women Issues

It is advisable that pregnant and breastfeeding women should only take shakeology under the direction of their physicians. This also includes those with any medical condition. It is usually very important for you to make good choices for yourself and the baby. With shakeology there are different opinions on what to do. Everyone has a different body system so the advice will vary.

It will also depend with your health history, allergies, and any contraindications with any medications. With shakeology there is a disclaimer on the pack to consult with your doctor if pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have any unique special needs. It is not a definite no or yes but it advises to talking with your healthcare professional before consuming it.

There are various forums online for pregnant and breastfeeding mommies who use shakeology. A number of them say they have used it throughout their pregnancy, some take shakeology instead of their prescribed prenatal vitamins, some take shakeology together with folic acid supplements, others have settled on taking vegan shakeology, and some of them take it by the recommendation of their midwives.

There are many different healthcare physicians and wellness experts thus there is an expectation of differed opinions. For instance, there is a doctor who said that every breastfeeding and pregnant woman should take shakeology because of it contains dense nutrition. On another opinion, a pharmacist said both breastfeeding and pregnant women should be able to take shakeology as long as they get adequate calories on a daily basis but also advised to check with your doctors too. After examining the ingredients, a health food store said it looks fine to him.

Too many different opinions on this issue but in real sense meal replacements are not meant for breastfeeding or pregnant women. This is because they need to take more calories to enable supply of enough nutrition for the mother and the baby. The main issue here is not the shake but the reason as to why you are taking it. It is not advisable to try losing weight while still breastfeeding or when pregnant unless your doctor recommends it.

A breastfeeding or pregnant mother is required to partake an additional 500 calories every day making shakeology the best companion to help in this. Shakeology should be just an addition when you have consumed balanced meals. Just by eating a balanced food and adding shakeology you might just lose weight in a healthy way.

The main reason as to why doctors do not want their breastfeeding and pregnant patients to take shakeology is because it contains too much vitamin A which has been connected to birth defects. Another reason is that shakeology has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Some doctors only approve supplements that have been approved by FDA.

Shakeology also contains less than 50g of Gingko Biloba which has a possibility of inducing labor and might prolong bleeding time.

All in all shakeology official statement on this is that it should be taken under the direction of a doctor or medical physician.