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Are You A Woman In Her Late Thirties Struggling To Get Pregnant?

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Are you a woman in her late thirties struggling to get pregnant? Perhaps you have been paying out vast amounts of money to a fertility centre in the hope that they can fix the problem.

Women are born with all the eggs they will need to conceive. It is different for men as they reproduce sperm every three months. So when a woman of thirty-six years old attempts to get pregnant with a thirty six year old man they are trying to mix a thirty six year old egg with three-month old sperm. This can lead to abnormalities in the chromosomes and often end in miscarriage. If the pregnancy goes full term there is always a chance the baby will be born with birth defects.

Some women choose to have donor eggs, which are taken from a younger woman and implanted into the older women. For those who want to use their own eggs the mini-IVF is the other option being offered by fertility clinics. This is where the eggs are taken from the woman and the best fertilized in the laboratory and put back into the woman.

These are very expensive treatments and not guaranteed to work. A couple can find themselves out of pocket with no result. There are of course more natural ways for older women to get pregnant that do not require drugs and painful procedures.

Getting your body as healthy as possible by eliminating alcohol, caffeine and eating a healthy diet is essential. If you are a smoker I suggest you give it up. When you are unhealthy eating junk food and not getting any vitamins and minerals your reproductive system is usually the first part of your body to break down. We are not always aware of this until we find getting pregnant difficult. Exercise is important also as a fit healthy body can correct infertility problems caused by unhealthy living. They now have special classes like fertility yoga designed to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Chinese acupuncture has been around for thousands of years helping women young and old to have healthy babies. The ancient wisdom of the Chinese healers combines their medicines with their hands on techniques to reverse infertility.

Our reliance on western medicine to cure all our health problems is borderline obsessive. We think taking a pill is easier than getting ourselves fit and healthy again. Nature has provided us with all we need to return our bodies to perfect health.

There is no quick fix way to cure infertility. The fertility clinics success rates are not that high. A couple can be treated for anything from ovarian cysts and low sperm count in the male only to find they still cannot get pregnant. It is often then after spending all their savings they turn to a natural program in a desperate bid to conceive.

Perhaps it should be in reverse so a couple not being able to get pregnant could try all the natural methods available before they embark on a conventional fertility program such as IVF. It certainly would not break the bank and the outcome would be an incredibly fit mind and body. If the reproductive system is healed in a natural way there will be no risk of multiple births and no side effects from the heavy-duty drugs used by fertility centres. If you are unable to conceive the child naturally, all you need to do is get the test tube baby IVF.