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Common Myths Surrounding Mental Illnesses

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Mental illnesses are also known as psychiatric disorders. There are feared by many people. It is quite unfortunate that a mental disorder still carries a stigma, that is, a mark off or a sign of disgrace. So naturally, many of the people hesitate when it comes to search for help for treatment of mental illnesses. All this just for the fear of being discarded or being looked down upon. But this is even more unfortunate because effective solutions and help are available for almost all of the mental disorders. What can possibly be worse is that the stigma experienced by the patients can be even more destructive and harmful than the illness itself.

There are many myths that have been known to be surrounding about the mental illnesses. People will continue to refute the fact that mental illnesses exist at all and avoid this topic completely until and unless they come about to learn the full truth. Some common myths are:

  •  People Suffering from Mental Disorders are Violent and Dangerous:

But as a group, they are not any more violent than any other group of people is. It is, in fact, more likely that they would end up as the victims of violence and not be violent themselves.

  • The Victims are Less Intelligent:

Studies have shown that they are usually average or even above average when it comes to intelligence.

  • Mental Illness Occurs as a Result of Personal Weakness:

It is not a flaw in the character. It has nothing to do at all with being weak or not having enough will power. It is just an illness and nothing more or less. Even if people suffering from such conditions can play a big role in their recovery from these illnesses, they did not do anything or choose to become severely ill, and they certainly should not be considered lazy as if they just cannot snap out of it.

  • Mental Illnesses are Rare or Single Disorders:

It’s not even a single disease to be considered so. This is just a very broad classification for many of such or other disorders. Personality disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, organic brain disorders and schizophrenia have also caused misery and tears and many of missed opportunities for thousands of people from all over the world.

Like physical illness, the mental condition can affect anyone and everyone. Social class, income level, and intelligence don’t even come into consideration.

Treatment of mental illnesses is available now and people should seek help instead of being sitting and engulfing their minds with thoughts of myths.