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Different Kinds of Foot Pain

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Your feet absorb the full weight and stress of walking around all day. They are the points of impact when you are walking or running anywhere you go. This means that if you jump or run, the stress of hitting the ground will travel through your feet first. Also, you put your feet in shoes all day and those shoes might not be very beneficial for your feet. When you combine the natural hazards of walking around, the pain of having the wrong shoes, and the threat of illness, your feet are constantly in danger of some kind of damage. There are many different ways that your feet can be damaged and many different ways that damage manifests.


Calluses occur when the skin on your feet is damaged, usually by walking or running in shoes that allow your feet to move around. The feet will move around inside of your shoes and create friction. Your feet will increase the layers of skin at the site of the irritation to protect the feet. In many ways, a callus is a good thing. It helps to protect your feet. However, calluses can become a problem if they begin to grow under the skin as well. If they grow under the skin and are very dense, they can cause serious foot pain when you walk or run. In that case, you’ll need an expert in podiatry in Perth to help you out.

Misaligned Toes

Your toes generally are not supposed to touch; that’s not the way human beings evolved. However, after spending your entire life in shoes with a cramped toe box, your toes are going to touch. Many people who spend most of their time barefoot have toes that do not touch. Most people do not, though. In those cases, the toes can easily begin to overlap with one toe moving on top of another one or under a different one. That type of overlap can lead to pain because the toes will begin to put stress on the joints in the metatarsals. That type of pain can lead to corns, bone spurs, and other very painful situations.

If your toes are overlapping one another, you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible. He or she will oftentimes be able to recommend some kind of shoe insert or a specific kind of shoe to help you remedy that situation. Otherwise, it can quickly grow into a serious problem.

General Pain

In some cases, you might just have generalised foot pain. That can come from pinched nerves, sore joints, or strained muscles. You need to try to keep track of when you feel the pain and where exactly you feel the pain. Those two factors will help your podiatrist understand what is happening to your feet.