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Do You Need Denture Repairs or New Dentures

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Sometimes even the most reliable dentures need repair. If so, you need to know who to contact when this type of emergency happens. You may also want to consider having dentures made that are constructed with cobalt chrome. This type of denture material makes it easier to avoid any problems with cracks or broken dentures.

That is because cobalt chrome dentures are designed with a cast cobalt chrome base. The material is made of cobalt and chrome along with chromium to prevent problems with corrosion. The dentures are cast so they are easier to fit, thereby offering more retention. When you compare them with acrylic dentures, cobalt chrome is definitely an upgrade.

A Higher Level of Thermal Conductivity

Plus, dentures that feature a cobalt chrome base offer more dimensional stability, which means that the dentures will not easily alter their shape. Add to that a higher level of thermal conductivity, which permits you to experience the temperature of the warm beverages or foods that you eat or drink.

A Better Choice with Respect to Hygiene

According to Greenford dental technicians, cobalt chrome dentures are also more hygienic than acrylic dentures as well as lighter in weight. Dentures made of this material are not as porous as acrylic and therefore are less likely to develop a buildup of plaque, food, and calculus.

Avoid Further Emergencies

So, if you want strong and lightweight dentures that are also more hygienic, you need to consider a dental prosthetic that is made of a chrome cobalt material. Whilst these dentures are not as aesthetic as acrylic dentures and are also a bit more expensive, they do help you avoid emergency visits. Construction of these types of dentures takes around four dental appointments.

Cobalt chrome dentures are made after the dentist assesses your mouth and examines your oral tissues. When the framework for the dentures is completed, the dental practitioner checks for retention and sizing. Also, before the dentures are delivered, you can try them out to make sure that they are just the right fit. Teeth can be made of porcelain or acrylic, depending on your budget.