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Exercising While on Holiday

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Staying fit is a constant effort that you cannot afford to let slip for too long. Exercise scientists state that those who work out regularly for a period of three months tend to develop a habit they will be able to sustain. Staying fit is much easier than getting in shape; therefore, if you want to get fit or remain fit, you should not take too much time off from your exercise endeavours. This is also why exercise scientists and personal trainers try to dissuade their clients from taking Mondays off. If you start taking Mondays off, it becomes easier and easier to continue skipping your workouts. They also advise that you not miss two weeks of exercise in a row. It’s much easier to break a habit than it is to form one; however, it can be difficult to sustain the proper level of commitment when you go on holiday.

When you’re on holiday, you want to indulge in the incredible food found wherever you’re visiting. Holiday is a time to break free from your day-to-day habits and treat yourself to something new. That can be great when it comes to music and food, but you shouldn’t break your exercise habits. So, how do you maintain your exercise habits even while you’re on holiday?

Cycling While on Holiday

Cycling while on holiday is a great way to experience a new place and enjoy your holiday without breaking your exercise routine. Cycling has long been considered one of the most exciting and useful forms of exercise. Cycling is considered an aerobic exercise; aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that emphasizes the ability to control your breathing. That’s in contrast to anaerobic exercise such as weightlifting and sprinting which would never allow you to keep your breath for long. Aerobic exercise such as cycling and running is great for sustained effort; it’s one of the most effective ways to lose weight and to boost your cardiovascular fitness. Cycling holidays provide you with the opportunity to boost your cardiovascular fitness while you’re on holiday. They allow you to travel around exciting locations while staying fit. Cycling is also a great way to get around on holiday for reasons that are unrelated to exercise.

The Cycling Experience

When you’re driving around in your car, you don’t necessarily have the opportunity to truly experience the sights and sounds of your new location. A car is sealed from the outside environment and moving much too quickly for you to truly appreciate what is going on around you. When you’re on a bicycle, however, you’ll get to move through the world without sealing yourself off from the things around you. That means you’ll have an unobstructed view of the sights and might even be able to smell the food being cooked in various restaurants that may interest you. Cycling is a much faster way to travel than walking, so you’ll be able to cover much more ground, but it won’t keep you separated from the location.

Cycling is the most efficient way to travel if you’re trying to balance speed of transportation and accessibility.