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How to Buy Shakeology in India?

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Although Indians love taking Shakeology, a meal replacement shake that helps in the reduction of weight and improves one’s daily performance, it is not available at any restaurant or store in the country apart from Canada and the US.

Shakeology is manufactured by Beachbody, a company that specializes in in-home fitness and weight loss solutions. The company’s headquarter is in Santa Monica, California. Since the production of Shakeology, there has been an increasing demand for it all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia.

If you reside in India, this article is for you since it contains how you can buy Shakeology right from your home because Shakeology is not manufactured in India.

Where to go?

The first and the best place to visit is the official website of Beachbody www.teambeachbody.com dedicated to the marketers of the product. Some online stores are accused of selling fake and fraudulent Shakeology products to the buyers due to the fact that these sites do not regulate the sales of their products.

If you live in India, you cannot order Shakeology from their official website because Beachbody does not have the permission to ship the product internationally. It is only limited to the customers in the US and Canada. But If you want buying to pay attention about healthy.

How to get Shakeology in India?

There are many personal websites that claim to sell Shakeology, but you have to be careful not to fall victim of fake and counterfeit products. The most reliable process you can follow online to get Shakeology in India is to order through MyUS.com. It is a package forwarding company. The site will give you a US address which you will use to sign up for Beachbody and have your orders for Shakeology placed. Note that you have to pay a membership fee to get this address. After placing your order, Beachbody will ship the product to MyUS.com. The site will then notify you through your email about the availability of your package.

Price of Shakeology

Shakeology costs around $129.95USD, which is approximately 8760 rupee. This amount is not much for someone who knows the benefits of this product.

There is a 10% discount if you choose the autoship program where you will be supplied Shakeology every month. It does not stop here; buyers can also get a reduction in the price when they become a team Beachbody club member which attracts a 10% discount and a team Beachbody coach which attracts a 25% discount.

Shipping fee

A shipping fee ranging from 5 to 10 USD is charged by MyUS.com to receive and send the product to you. It is important to note that when your product arrives in India, you have to pay the taxes on the product yourself. The charges will not be included in the shipping fee you paid to MyUS.com.

Getting your Shakeology

This depends on where you live. Those within the US and other European countries get it quicker than those living in India. However, you will receive your products within 2 to 4 official days as stated by the MyUS website.