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Monitor Your Glucose without the Needle Pricks

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Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the act of checking your blood glucose levels has been the same for years, a process involving the pricking of your finger or arm with a needle and then drawing blood with an analyser. Although there have been advancements in the devices used to push the needle into the skin, there has never been a way to avoid the many hundreds of times that a person must break his or her skin until now. A new and improved glucose monitoring system is now available, allowing you to dramatically reduce the number of times that you must prick a needle through your skin just to read the outcome, and the benefits speak for themselves.


A new and improved glucose monitor will require little more than a specialised patch on the arm designed to prick your skin just once and then provide a continuous stream of data that can be picked up simply by scanning the patch. A small sensor is used in this method and it is with this tiny device that the blood is automatically measured for glucose. That data is read throughout the day and night so that you can easily take a reading without having to wait for it to perform an analysis and you will also be able to store your readings to get an accurate map of your glucose levels.


The right system is exceptionally easy for you to get ready on your body and you will have the freedom to enjoy all the things that you love in life, such as swimming, exercising, showering, and much more. The patch used in such a system is designed to resist damage by water long enough for even the longer submersion times associated with spending an hour or two in the pool with friends. The result is that you may check your glucose levels at any time of the day or night without worrying about your freedom to enjoy life as you did before the patch being taken away.

Nearly Invisible

The patch used in this innovative system is much more discreet than an insulin pump, which must be worn on the hip for all to see. Even if you want to cover the patch up with an article of clothing, such as the sleeve of your t-shirt, you may scan over the material and still receive an accurate reading. In this way, you never need to worry about anyone noticing the patch and causing you discomfort in the form of curious questions and it can take little more than a few seconds to have your reading completed.

Simple Use

With each scan of the device over your patch, you not only receive the analysis of your current glucose level but you also see the hard data of the last eight hours. In addition, you will receive an arrow indicating in no uncertain terms whether you are experiencing an upward or downward trend in your glucose levels as of that moment. The result is a more accurate, convenient way to monitor your glucose.