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So Many Reasons to Work with a Personal Fitness Coach

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To put this in general terms first, you’ll find a personal trainer who delivers benefits you won’t get when you work out on your own. This doesn’t mean they’re right for every individual, but the truth is that a personal fitness coach is right for many more people that actually use one. You’d be wise to take a few minutes to dig a bit deeper into the reasons why you might need this individual in your life.

The first reason, perhaps the major reason most people have a personal coach or trainer, involves motivation. This is also the reason many people pay for a gym membership each month or each year. Because they have a place to go and have invested money in it, they feel they should make the most of their investment.

Personal Attention

However, using a personal fitness coach goes beyond this monetary reason. A good coach or trainer will provide structure for your program and make sure it works for you as an individual. But they also represent accountability, which many people find is easy to forget about or ignore if they work out alone. Your coach will also be there to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

In keeping with the idea of personal attention, you will also have an experienced specialist guiding you during your exercise. This is especially important if you have health conditions that must be taken into account when you work out. As a non-professional, you might cause further injury by engaging in activities you shouldn’t attempt with your specific condition. A personal fitness coach will provide guidance and advice that will make this much less likely.

This next reason for working with an expert like Ellis Stockwell may seem like a good problem to have, but you could be working hard and getting “nowhere” without advice on when you’ve broken through a training plateau. If you’re in reasonably good shape and follow a specific workout routine, you’ll eventually find that repeated exercise becomes easier. At this point, it would be wise to have someone who can move you out of the routine and present new challenges at a safe level.

Workout Safety

This is a good point to address the idea of workout safety. A personal fitness coach will watch your activity, observe your form, and pay close attention to the details you would miss on your own. Injury and illness can result from ignoring the subtle signals our bodies send out. While there’s some truth to the old adage “no pain, no gain,” this philosophy can be taken to an unsafe level. It’s not wise to push through too much pain, but then again you don’t want to give up too soon either. A personal trainer or coach is there to prevent such extremes.

If you feel you need support and professional assistance, your next step should be to get in touch with a trusted, experienced personal fitness coach. Discuss your goals and your schedule in detail, so he or she can design a programme to work for you.