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Language And Cognitive Development In Children

Categories :Child Care

If you have ever observed the growing process of a mould, then you understand how vital the initial stages are to the final wellbeing of the organism. Just like a mould, whatever shapes that is adopted during the language development years of a child will feature in the latter stages of life. When we consider […]

Development Stages Of A Newborn Baby

Categories :Child Care

After a baby is born numerous physical and mental changes occur to her body during the first months kick-starting his/her pathway into becoming an adult in the near future. The development stages vary from one kid to another  regardless of if they are twins .During the first three months, the baby’s brain are learning to […]

Child Care Tips

Categories :Health

Babies require ultimate attention from the time they are born to the time they rediscover themselves and can be able to perform everything for themselves. This transformation requires attention from parents to ensure a smooth sailing experience while at the same time ensuring the baby is healthy. Toddlers are known to be happy cute and […]