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The difference in Novolog and Humalog

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Diabetes is the biggest concern of today’s world and then there is no such person that is not aware of diabetes because almost every family has a person suffering from diabetes. Since everyone is so aware of diabetes they know quite a lot about insulin too. Insulin is a product of biotechnology and it is injected subcutaneously in the body and it is usually injected in the torso area and the injection site is changed after some time so the area won’t become hard or sore.

With type I diabetes the insulin is the only medication that is used for the maintenance of blood glucose levels and with the type II diabetes, the oral therapy is started at first and then if the blood glucose levels are still not controlled well with it then they shift to the insulin therapy.

Different types of insulin are available like rapid-acting, intermediate-acting, and long-acting. All these types of insulin differ from each other in a lot of the way and the insulin that we are discussing is the rapid-acting ones and they go by the names insulin lispro and insulin aspart. The brand name stat we know them by is the Humalog and the Novolog. Humalog vs Novolog comparison is what we are going to do further.

Difference between Humalog and Novolog

Humalog and Novolog even though belong to the same class of insulin but they still have some difference in them and following are some of those differences.

  • Humalog is a rapid-acting but the onset in the case of the Humalog is 15 minutes and the Novolog starts acting immediately in few minutes.
  • With Humalog insulin, the meal should be taken right after 15 minutes and with the Novolog insulin, the meal should be taken within 5 to 8 minutes.
  • With Humalog insulin the hypoglycemia may occur at least chances because after taking Humalog we still have time to wait for the Humalog onset but in the case of Novolog the hypoglycemia is more susceptible because the action starts early and if you haven’t taken the meal your body glucose level will start falling and it may lead to some dangerous conditions.
  • Novolog dose can be adjusted very easily by mixing it with Novolog dilution and hat can be injected but you must follow the directions of your doctor while doing that and shouldn’t increase or decrease the dose without your doctor’s recommendation and in the case of Humalog no such dilutions can be made that make Novolog even better.

Taking the doctor’s advice

Proper regular screening of the blood glucose levels is very important in the case of diabetes and you must visit your doctor regularly and show him your daily blood glucose level measurement chart and you should discuss which type of medication you are already using so the doctor can prescribe you the right insulin and this way your treatment will be done right. Don’t make choices of your own when it comes to insulin bit in fact always go with your doctor’s recommendation.