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The Male Enhancement Procedure

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Male enhancement products are everywhere in the modern world. A simple search online will reveal hundreds of sites selling male enhancement pills or offering untested products promising amazing results within a couple of weeks. However, read further, and it’s clear that they are all mostly scams designed to take money from people who are too embarrassed to discuss such a personal matter with others.

Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to such sites only to have lost money and suffered disappointment because the products didn’t work. Worse, some pills or products actually do more harm than good since there’s no way to confirm whether they are safe or effective, and testimonials and reviews are often fake. If you feel that the size of your penis is affecting your performance in bed, you might want to consider a procedure instead.

The only male enhancement to increase the size of penis is a simple process that involves injecting the penis with dermal fillers. These dermal fillers expand the girth of the penis, not its length. The procedure is performed by trained surgeons and specialists with years of experience. The surgeon injects the dermal fillers at particular points along the shaft of the penis and allows them to settle for a period of time. Here are some important things you should know about the procedure.

Setting an Appointment

Look for a reputable clinic in your area that offers male enhancement procedures. The first step to take is to make an appointment with the doctor and discuss the details with him. The doctor will ask to visually inspect the penis, and then give you an idea how much of an improvement you can expect in the girth of the penis. Most people have exaggerated ideas about how much difference the enhancement procedure can make, so it’s important that you talk to a doctor first to get a realistic idea about the procedure.

Undergoing the Procedure

When you arrive at the clinic for the enhancement procedure, the doctors will have you lie down, and then inject a local anaesthetic in your pubic region. This will numb the discomfort from the injections. You can also choose not to have the anesthetic.

Once the doctor has administered the injections, you will remain at the clinic for a few hours in order to observe the effects of the procedure. You will have to avoid sexual activity for at least one to two weeks to allow the dermal fillers to settle in the shaft of the penis. You will also have some follow-up visits to ensure that the fillers have properly set in. These are a few things you should know about the male enhancement procedure.