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Treadmill Is Beneficial For Heart

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Our heart is almost the size of our clenched fist and just like any other muscle in our body; it also needs a proper diet and regular exercising along with a proper hygiene for its functioning. Exercises like running, swimming, circuit racing is important to inculcate in our lives to keep our hearts pumping. Walking on a treadmill may also be quite beneficial to you as it eliminates the need to go out in open and instead you can enjoy exercising from your home itself. Many people often have a laid back attitude towards exercising and walking because of the weather conditions. Weather is at its best only for a small portion of the year while for the rest of the time it is followed by rain, snow, heat strokes or sleet.

Cardio Vascular Benefits

It has been proven that by working out on a treadmill for about four times a week; reduce the chances of heart ailments, forms of cancer and heart diseases. Our body at times doesn’t show any symptoms of heart ailments like coronary artery blockage and cardiac arrest and once you put your body under the stress of a treadmill, it’s the time you start monitoring these signs.

If you follow a proper treadmill workout regime, then it works by lowering the blood pressure levels in your body and improves the circulation of blood which strengthens our heart. Regular exercising lowers the lowers the low-density lipoprotein from our body and works to raise the content of high-density lipoprotein (often called the good cholesterol) in our body. According to a survey by American Heart Association, regular workout reduces the chance of heart strokes by 70%.

Working out on a treadmill is catching the trend these days as it allows you to work out even from the comfort of your homes. Regular exercising also has other benefits as it helps to lower the blood sugar levels by controlling our insulin levels. Regular workout on a treadmill regulates our hormones and enables the proper functioning of our various organs including the heart.

Why A Treadmill?

There are so many different and modern technologies available for a workout and losing weight, still most of the people don’t think twice before investing in a treadmill as a single treadmill has many benefits to your health.

You can control the intensity of your workout which was not possible before. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to implement running and walking both in your exercise and separately. Doctors often advise that our heart rate rises a bit above our resting period for about three days a week, the exercises performed on a treadmill are often very mild for our heart. Walking on a treadmill will not cause you any injury unlike the concrete surfaces outside as they come with a shock absorption material. It monitors your daily exercises and you no longer have to worry about over exercising especially in the case of your heart.

Working out regularly on a treadmill will only reap you benefits as it is not a single day job but needs to be carried out consistently. A treadmill is most the convenient option for people who are often busy and are short of time for exercises.