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Trying an Electric Bike

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Yorkshire is home to many men and women who regularly commute to work or university but many hours of the year can be wasted simply sitting in traffic while you wait to arrive. Not only do cars now promote a more sedentary lifestyle but they actually slow down travel within city limits unless you are lucky enough to catch the roads during a time when few other motorists are active. Since you do not often drive to work or school during dawn or dusk, this is highly unlikely and you would thus benefit from simply leaving the car at home in lieu of an “e bike,” or an electric bike designed to ease and speed up travel.

Traditionally, bikes are a great way to travel because they allow you to circumnavigate traffic, arrive at work or school with less frustration, and view the world around you in a more direct way. That said, there are many benefits that seem to get lost because traditional bikes rely on your own power to move even just a few centimetres down the road. The best way to get the benefits of both a bike and a car is to consider an e bike that will allow you to pedal with your own strength and then rely on the motor for more difficult areas.


Similar to traditional bikes, you can ride e-bikes in Yorkshire using your own power, meaning that you must literally burn calories simply to make the vehicle move forward. If you should reach a very steep hill, however, you need not push yourself into a sweat just to make it to the top. Instead, you may merely turn on the electric motor and allow your bike to do all of the literal and figurative heavy lifting on your behalf while you comfortably sit on the seat.

During a long ride on your bike, you may burn as many as 650 calories per hour depending on the effort put into the ride and you can choose to use the motor whenever you are too tired to continue. In this way, you may still lose weight using your e bike while appreciating a much simpler and easier way to travel around Yorkshire. After just a few months of enjoying your clever investment, you could very well find yourself stepping into an entire new set of clothing that is much smaller than the one with which you started out.


Motorised bikes may reach a rather fast speed in a mere matter of seconds, meaning that you can easily make your way up a steep hill or down an empty bike lane without worrying about lost time. In addition to being faster than traditional bikes, you can often bypass much of the morning and evening traffic congestion due to many citizens on their way to and from work or school. Simply by choosing this simpler type of vehicle, you could shave hours off of your commute and make the most of each morning without feeling rushed to get out the door.