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Uncovering the Reasons Behind Hair Loss

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Although hair loss can be upsetting, in most cases it’s nothing to worry about. It’s quite typical for your hair to gradually start thinking, however, you must tell your doctor if you lose a large amount of hair quickly. If your genes have pattern baldness then you may begin to lose your hair at any age. There are lots of different potential causes for hair loss, though, and we shall be looking at some of them in this article.

Most recently, there has been a buzz about athletes and how they like to use anabolic steroids. These substances can greatly increase strength, muscle mass and athletic ability. But, they have quite a few side effects. Hair loss could be considered to be one of the key side effects of using steroids. Due to the fact that pro ballplayers use steroids on a regular basis, the media tends to do a lot of stories about such usage. But, quite frankly, both older and younger people are using anabolic steroids as a means to get a “ripped” body. Anabolic steroids can make your testosterone levels go up. When using anabolic steroids, this will also have the same impact on the hormone DHT, which also makes your hair fall out. However, hair loss is the least of your worries when dealing with steroids. This could start you on the track of heart and liver problems, in addition to possible mental side effects. These are all major reasons to not take steroids.

An especially distressing or frightening situation can cause enough stress to cause you to lose hair. Everyone handles stress differently, and in many cases, it can cause physical symptoms and even illnesses. If you’ve recently had surgery, or been in an accident, the resultant stress could be responsible for your hair loss. Be of cheer, however, because this type of hair loss usually reverses itself in due time. When you live through painful situations or are confronted with an upsetting event in your life, it can cause stress – perhaps enough to lead to hair loss. Stress, more than likely, won’t be the main cause of your hair loss unless you have experienced major stress for an extended period of time. Still, your overall health will benefit if you employ stress relief techniques, as well as the condition – and amount – of your hair.

You may get hair loss from your hair care products if you’re sensitive to them. It’s especially worrying if you tend to use lots of different hair products like gels, shampoos, and coloring, especially if they’re made with chemicals that are harsh. You could have an allergy to some of the chemicals used, or prolonged use of them could be causing damaging effects on both your scalp and hair. Basic products, like a gentle conditioner and shampoo, should be used if you’re doubtful about any of the products you use. Bleaching, dyeing and tinting your hair could lead to damage, especially if strong chemicals are used in these products. You can use natural and organic dyes for your hair, like henna. Losing your hair is rather common but looking at the causes and finding a solution is the hard part. Everything is straightforward if everyone in your family has experienced hair loss by a certain age and the same happens to you. However, if all your life you’ve had a healthy head of hair but all of a sudden it’s coming out, you should speak with your doctor. The first step in treating hair loss is identifying the cause of it.