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Why Moisturizing Is The Key To Great Skin.

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As teenagers, when we were growing up, our parents and peers always explained to us that acne was caused by our skin being too oily, and that we had to take steps to dry out the area, to keep away the acne. Too much moisture in the skin meant blocked pores, and this leads to spots, pimples and acne. As a teenager, it is difficult enough going through this time in our lives, without having to deal with skin problems as well. It is almost impossible for a teenager not to pick at their spots and squeeze the heads because the only alternative is to leave them there and accept the way they make us look. Unfairly, when we look at a spotty teenager, we assume that they are unhygienic, and don’t take care of their skin. We were always told to get outside and get some sun and this would help alleviate the scourge, that is acne.


It is true that the rays of the sun can assist with ridding us of acne and spots, but what isn’t known, is that there are two types of rays that help the skin the most. The two rays being discussed here are the red rays and the blue rays. The former gets right into our pores and helps to stop the acne forming and the latter helps kill the bacteria forming on our skins. The downside, however, is that too much sun is also bad for us as we may get sunburn and damage our skin more. This too, causes blotches and spots on our skins, after the acne has long gone.

Moisturizing Helps.

Contrary to popular belief, using a gel moisturiser for oily skin is the answer to your prayers. Believe it or not, but the extra moisture in your skin helps to get rid of the oil forming on it. Drying out the skin is not the answer and using alcohol-based moisturizers, does dry up the skin, but it also causes the skin to become increasingly irritated and this causes our bodies to release something called histamine. When this is produced, it irritates the skin further and then the body produces more oil to counteract this, and the cycle goes on and on. Getting extra moisture into the skin is the solution, and you will get it by applying a gel moisturiser.

Create Balance.

Like everything in life, it is all about establishing balance and so when trying to take care of your skin and do the right thing, you need to look for water-based gels, that are made specifically for oily skin types. Try to find one that contains additives like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, as these have been proven to work and keep acne under control. Being a teenager is a difficult job and finding ways to make your life easier at this difficult time, is essential.

Be sure to get the right moisturising gel for your skin type, and talk to your friends to see what they use to keep their skin clean and clear.