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Yoga: A Way to Strengthen Self Before and After Cancer

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We all know of yoga as a practice and a discipline. Most of the time it is employed to improve flexibility, practice breathing, focus on meditation etc. But then seldom do people know that yoga can be used to overcome cancer. How? We will discuss that later. First, let us know yoga first and foremost.

Yoga started as a discipline from the east. Until it grew and covered the west with its ideas and spiritual benefits. In yoga, one can expect several benefits such as:

  • Good balance
  • Flexibility
  • Improved breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Maintained weight
  • And overall health advantages

How Yoga Helps You Get Through Cancer

Many cancer patients find yoga as an alternative way of diverting their focus instead of wallowing in their treatments. But aside from the diversion if given, yoga can pretty well improve your way of living. Many cancer patients would even name yoga as a life saver.

Yoga is gentle as well as therapeutic; it suits well with one’s battle against cancer. Cancer may have on the face a long road of physical trials, not mentioning the emotional and psychological trials one has to endure. And yes, most of the time, the thought of it all is even debilitating than the treatment itself.

Many cancer patients, those who are undergoing the treatment and those who are recovering from it find yoga as a very beneficial way to cope with cancer.  Specific ways yoga can help includes the following below.

  • Yoga helps in battling insomnia: Through yoga, insomniac may find some relief. Yoga eases out and relaxes the mind as well as the body. Insomnia most of the time is much related to cancer treatment and may affect the patient more than necessary. Because of yoga, many of those who are undergoing treatments and those who are recovering from it are able to sleep soundly compared to those who aren’t practicing yoga.
  • Decreases fatigue: Yoga helps in the decrease of fatigue which is common among cancer patients.
  • Eases out anxiety: Yoga teaches its practitioners ways of relaxing and calming of the body as well as the mind. Anxiety related to cancer may then be reduced after a series of yoga practice.
  • Helps in appetite loss: As one’s body is primed and coach to feel flexible and balanced, you may feel less nauseous, less sick through yoga. Also, yoga helps in strengthening core as well as it benefits your system inside and out.
  • Manage pain: More than pain, the self-pity may take a toll on one’s body. But then through yoga, the deep meditation and the connection with one’s spirit, one may feel less pain or may start to counter and balance it once it starts.
  • Keeps stress at bay: Yoga helps in reducing stress caused by treatments, too much thinking, and even fatigue. Yoga is known to lower blood cortisol levels which are a definite evidence of stress in cancer patients. And most of the time it may be evident in your body and in your face. Under eye bags now will become your next concern and you wouldn’t realize it that you need to have  eyelid drooping treatment, though of course it’s the least of your concerns for now. But believe me, yoga can remedy it.
  • Clear out toxins: Most of the time, many chooses yoga over another discipline because it helps in detoxifying. With cancer patients, it is even more helpful. In cancer treatments, there are lots of medicines and other side effects accumulated inside one’s body, but with yoga, one can slowly purge self from it.
  • Increases blood flow and enhances lymphatic flow and performance in the body.
  • Help reduce emotional distress: Once you start practicing yoga, you will be one of those who reported lesser emotional distress related to treatments and coping.
  • It is a lesser workout: Many cancer patients’ are sapped of their strength during and after the treatment. Exercising may be too much. Yoga, however, is every light and doesn’t require you to jog, lift, run or exert too much. It starts from simple and slow and of which accommodates the body’s little by little control of its self.


But then to note, yoga isn’t a cure. It is only a way to decrease symptoms that sometimes are just too much to handle. Yoga then should be used as a way o cope and not as a treatment or the solution. Of course, one should continue with treatments.

So cancer might be a very hard fight to battle, but then there will always be a way to it. Yoga is just one of those ways. You can always choose to fight. And for that, you may end up really winning.